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free internet tv channels for windows media player, Africa video online, African live television - Algeria, Benin, Congo, Cote D'ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Nigeria, Morocco, Togo, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Watch free TV online from Africa, Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, Latin America - windows tv streaming

Algeria EN TV - video records Journal - Algerian television in internet, live streaming online. Culture, sport, news, religion and more.

Benin ORTB - video records ORTB - Office de Radiodiffusion et Television du Benin.

Cote D'ivoire Tele Diaspora - watch Tele Diaspora - African Central news, culture, films, hi-tech, wm movies, podcasts online. English, Francais.

Egypt Nile TV - watch Nile News online - Live news television. Egypt State Information tele radio Service in English, Francais, Arabic.

Ethiopia ERTA Gov - watch E TV online - Ethiopian Government TV, news and music, films, culture, live and video records.

Congo DR - Ireland Kongo Times - watch Kongo Times - Video - Free Pan African and World Source Of News In Africa And Diaspora.

Libya - Qatar Libya tv - watch Libya TV online - video available on LiveStation, headquartered in Doha. News tele portal.

Morocco Al Aoula - video records Journal  - in French and Arabic, local world and news, adobe flash and windows television streaming.

Nigeria Lagos TV watch Lagos Television - National and World news, Business events, Talk show, news portal.

Nigeria Love World watch Love World - free Streaming tv and video online, love world Christian network.

Reunion (Fr) Antenne - watch Antenne online - TV portal with news, meteo, politic, culture, economic and more.

South Africa SA BC TV - watch SA BC TV online - South African Broadcasting Corporation channels, news sources.

South Africa Spirit World - watch S W TV online - the first Christian South African Channel, Satellite & internet broadcasting 24.

Tunisia Tunis 1 - watch Tunisia TV online - daily news video clips, sports and music movies, live television and podcasts.



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